Local Food Sustainability

The current food system has led to weakened local economies and food systems. We have become separated from the origins of our food.  Know where your food comes from. Know who grows it. Know how it is grown. Food grown locally and ethically. Our food dollars going back into our local economies.


Organic has become a term used as a major corporate profit maker. But it is about more than what is being defined by “organic”.  It is about real foods we were meant to eat. Healthy for us, the soil, and the local communities’ economy. Food and growing techniques that do not harm the environment or us.

Control of Our Food

The current food system is unsustainable. Soil nutrient depletion, genetically modified produce, our food is sprayed with chemicals, and picked weeks before ripe. Gassed and transported thousands of miles using large amounts of non-renewable resources. Vinder was created to give us a choice.

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Grower Stories

When you lose local food sustainability, you lose local food culture.

Making an impact on the local growers, a distribution model that is truly free...

I have been gardening most of my life. Usually the goal was to produce enough just for ourselves. However we've always had excess produce at one time or another. I would give it away to our neighbors, but more often than not the produce would go wasted. I posted it on the Vinder app and was not only able to move that excess and keep it from wasting (heart breaking!), but made some extra $ I was able to put back into my garden! So stoked!

Chris Raves Vinder Grower - Port Townsend, Wa.

Owning a small farm, always has challenges. We never have been able to produce enough to consistently tie in the with the larger food distribution networks like Sysco, nor even our local coop well. Our main source of revenue is farmers markets. The problem is, its only 2 days a week. With the Vinder app we could sell all week, any hour of the day. Have pickup at our farmers stand or the farmers market. We were better able to plan how much we needed, and eliminated waste.
Shane Brinton

Shane Brinton Glenngary Farms


Buyer Stories

Something Powerful is Happening

Making an impact in peoples lives, and the communities they live in...

I ordered from Vinder and had a great experience. I've never had my own garden. I love farmers markets and fresh organic produce. I ordered through Vinder and chose pickup. For the  first time I was able to see how my food is grown, and was actually able to pull the carrots out of the ground myself. Never have done that before. Truly a connection to where my food comes from I have never had! Then there is the taste! There is no comparison between the quality of taste of fresh, local organic produce and that found in grocery stores.

Kelsey O'Leary Traveler, Physical Therapist

I was one of Vinder's first customers. I purchased Kale locally to give the platform a try. The experience exceeded any imagined preconceived notion of how it would be, that I had. The Kale, organically grown, local, pesticide free, allowed to ripen fully, grown with love, and picked just 30 minutes before tasted incredible. I met a neighbor I had never met before, that had a similar passion for their food. I believe this can change lives on many levels. I believe in it so much, when I was invited to be CTO and cofounder I jumped at the opportunity. We are not just executives of Vinder, we are passionate customers.

Mark DeJarnatt Port Townsend, Wa.


Featured Community

Texas-1We are proud to get hard to work with our community members here in the Austin, Texas Community!

Vinder is currently in collaboration with the following groups. If you are in Austin, reach out to us and lets work together to make a difference in the communities we love and live in!

Austin-Parks-and-Recreation-200 aas

Volunteer as an Agtivist!

Join our Farmy! As little as one hour a week can make a dramatic impact.

What does Vinder grow? Communties. We are growers, we are your neighbors, we are your community members. Vinder is only as strong as the communities we create together. It is the passion that drives us. Local food sustainability. A connection to our food, where it comes from, how it is grown, and who grows it. Food that fosters our community and community that fosters our food. Volunteer your time to help make it happen. 


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Take a peek at some of our videos, taken by the media. Its a great place to learn more about your fellow buyers and growers.