10 Ways to Get Started

Here are some quick and easy ways to get dirty and make an impact.

We need your help. Below are some suggestions to get started! We'll be adding to and adjusting these calls to action. Contact us to share what has worked and not worked for you!

  1.  Promote VINDER on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    Check out our pdf of post ready statements!
  2. Add VINDER to your website
    User the following text and accompany it with our logo with you can download here.
    VINDER is a free app connecting gardeners with their neighbors to buy/sell/trade homegrown produce.
  3.  Feature VINDER in your newsletter
    Ask your recipients to download the VINDER app. Promote the positive experiences you have had or heard with Vinder. Place a call out for volunteers , we need their help! Direct them here so we can get them started.
  4. Write a blog
    Passionate about your experiences, turn it into a blog. Use our materials to help. Share it after on Facebook and Twitter!
  5. Create partnerships
    Do you know organizations or businesses that would work great teaming with Vinder? Reach out to them. Leverage your professional network to spread the word.
  6. Hand out flyers
    Print our flyers and hand them out!  Include in welcome/employee packs to neighbors and employees/coworkers.
  7. Put up posters
    Print our posters and  post them in places where everyone can see! For example libraries, community centers, schools etc.
  8. Hold a potluck!
    We’ve found a potluck with fellow growers and buyers can be an incredible experience! Ask everyone to invite someone new.
  9. Encourage local businesses to get involved
    Tap into local business networks and ask them to display VINDER flyers or posters. A business with a Vinder flyer in the window can go a long way.
  10. Send out a press release

Start out at 1 again! Invite someone to do the same!