Buyer Stories

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Its all about the community we live in. Learn more about the experiences others have had using Vinder to connect with their community members around them.

Farhaj Mayan

Just being able to go to garden, look at the soil, pickup a veggie and bite into it and experience it's flavor profile was insane. I picked up the blackberry, took a bit, and the flavor explodes! Walmart was my usual, but to experience real food blew my mind. Bye Walmart. Buying at a grocery store is completely different. I don't think I would ever go back."

Farhaj Mayan Dallas, TX.

Kelsey O'Leary

I ordered from Vinder and had a great experience. I've never had my own garden. I love farmers markets and fresh organic produce. I ordered through Vinder and chose pickup. For the  first time I was able to see how my food is grown, and was actually able to pull the carrots out of the ground myself. Never have done that before. Truly a connection to where my food comes from I have never had! Then there is the taste! There is no comparison between the quality of taste of fresh, local organic produce and that found in grocery stores.

Kelsey O'Leary Traveler, Physical Therapist

Mark DeJarnatt

I was one of Vinder's first customers. I purchased Kale locally to give the platform a try. The experience exceeded any imagined preconceived notion of how it would be, that I had. The Kale, organically grown, local, pesticide free, allowed to ripen fully, grown with love, and picked just 30 minutes before tasted incredible. I met a neighbor I had never met before, that had a similar passion for their food. I believe this can change lives on many levels. I believe in it so much, when I was invited to be CTO and cofounder I jumped at the opportunity. We are not just executives of Vinder, we are passionate customers.

Mark DeJarnatt Port Townsend, WA.