Buyers FAQ

If there are questions we have not answered here, reach out to us!

Our Apps are coming soon, but we can answer most of the questions the apps will have below.

How do I get my produce?
Different growers offer different pickup and / or delivery options. For pickup, you can see the days/hours and pickup location in checkout. For delivery, you can see the growers that are available to deliver as well. In the search filters, you can filter by these options as well, to only see buyers that offer your preferred method.
How is quality assured?

Home growers and small scale farmers are often the most keen adopters of organic growing and sustainable gardening methods. Because the produce being sold is often the excess from their home garden, most of the produce listed on Vinder is of the highest quality.

With that in mind, check for reviews posted by others. If there are no reviews, see if the grower has posted other items and check the feedback of those.

If there aren’t any reviews, be adventurous and give the food a shot! You never know what delicious items are being grown in your neighborhood. Just make sure to leave a review so others can see what you thought.

Is there a guarantee?
Everything listed on Vinder is grown by it’s members (not Vinder) and therefore we cannot offer a guarantee. Individual growers/sellers may provide a guarantee if they wish.