Grower Stories

Learn more about some of your neighbors that are helping the community!

The growers are the foundation of the movement for local food sustainability. Below is a sample of some of the neighbors that are bringing it from yard to plate!

Steven Cornett

To me Vinder is really exciting, because, as I think we have seen the last 5 years, people are ordering food more and more online. The hardest part about farming is how do I sell it? This opens a way for people to do that very easily. Small farming to me is a way to change the world. #naturesalwaysright

Steven Cornett Lemon Grove, CA.

Elizabeth - Singing Frogs Farm

We have been growing 12 and a half years, we do two and a half acres of lot of intensive veg that is no till, highly ecological, feeding about 300 families here locally in  Sonoma County.

Elizabeth Sebastapol CA

Alejandra - La Flaca Urban Gardens

I love... I can't imagine foods without hot peppers. Being able to have all these varieties that I saw grow from seed, to fruit, to all these different seasonings, to all these different preparations... It's really exciting.

Alejandra Austin, TX.

Ryan F-Stop Farm

My Mom was a master gardener and my Dad was a vegetable gardener. We forgot what it means to get a fresh, ripe tomato right from your neighbor. This is stuff you can do in your neighborhood / community and really appreciate what the culture of food can be. It's about the experience when share this with people. There's a lot of opportunity and an app like Vinder can make it happen.

Ryan Farnaugh Austin, TX.


I've been vegetable gardening for 3 years. My mom used to garden all the time, everything I needed to learn I learned from her... and the internet! Ha! I saw the (Vinder) ad on facebook, because I do a lot of gardening here I often have a lot of produce that I don't know what to do with. It would be great to sell it to folks that want to eat local produce.

Danielle Austin, TX.


I grew up on a farm, so this size garden was pretty normal for people in my community. I grew up picking sun warm cherry tomatoes and eating them out of the garden, that was my normal childhood. My grandparents had a larger scale farm. All this is done around community. The part that appeals to me is the community development part. An established community that relies on each other.

Trisha Austin, TX.

Ryan Brophy

I am really excited where vinder is going, it's an exciting time, on the up and up. The update. Just watching it from a far is really exciting. I feel it's almost like watching the stock market. I am excited to see where it goes. It's fun to do , its a hobby so far.

Ryan Brophy San Jose, CA.

Jodi McCumber Jackass Honey Farms

I think we spoil our bees, and I think our bees enjoy being spoiled. If you've ever owned your own business, you know that the happier you're employees are, the harder they are going to work for you. And our bees work very, very hard, because they are very, very happy.

Jodi McCumber Liberty Hills Texas

Chris Raves

I have been gardening most of my life. Usually the goal was to produce enough just for ourselves. However we've always had excess produce at one time or another. I would give it away to our neighbors, but more often than not the produce would go wasted. I posted it on the Vinder app and was not only able to move that excess and keep it from wasting (heart breaking!), but made some extra $ I was able to put back into my garden! So stoked!

Chris Raves Port Townsend, WA