Grower FAQ

If there are questions we have not answered here, reach out to us!

Our Apps are coming soon, but we can answer most of the questions the apps will have below.

How do I get paid?
Growers are paid via stripe. When you go through the grower onboarding process, you are prompted to either enter your existing stripe account info or an account is setup for you. If an account is setup for you, you'll receive an email from stripe with account info and login information.
How is my produce delivered?
During grower onboarding, you can set defined pickup and delivery options. If you prefer buyers pickup, you can set pickup location and days / hours for that specific pickup location. You can even define more than one pickup location. If you opt to deliver as well, you can set the distance you are willing to travel, and then the amount you charge per delivery.
What does following (Subscribing) to a grower do?

Subscribing to a grower allows you to:

  • View all your favorite growers in one place
  • Receive notifications when your growers post new produce, mark items ripe, or hold sales